Vacation of a Lifetime

Vacation of a Lifetime

Good morning and happy hump day! Today is the first day of what I am calling my vacation of a lifetime, although I hope it to be the first of many to come. Leaving from Birmingham, AL, I fly to Portland, OR, today (May 24, 2017) to stay with Josh and Katrina Kerley until Sunday, June 4th. I packed several pair of walking shoes, even though we only have a trip up to Seattle, WA, planned for Memorial Day, I anticipate lots of walking.

Then on Sunday, June 4th, I am taking a three day train trip on Amtrak from Portland, OR, to New Orleans, LA. Yes, I got a sleeper car. My mom is meeting me in the Big Easy where we will be staying in the French Quarter. There will be lots more walking and of course cafe au lait and beignets.  We are driving back on Saturday, June 10th. In total this is a 19 day trip. I am anxious and excited and hope I have everything I need packed.


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  1. Cannot wait for you to get here!!!! I will have so much fun showing off the gorgeous Pacific NW to you!!!!!!

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