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Portland, OR – China Town

Thursday , June 1st, I explored the neighborhood again today with a four mile afternoon walk. Katrina and Josh took me to downtown Portland to the Shangai tunnels after having a drink at the Portland City Grill. These were taken at 5:30 pm, the sun doesn’t set out here until 9pm. Speaking of you feel obligated to go out for a beer at yet another brewery.  Speaking of, I had mead… fermented honey, yep it tasted exactly like I thought it would.  

Shanghai Tunnels was an incredible tour.  It’s an underground tunnel system connecting several blocks of businesses. While intoxicated, men were captured via trap doors, stript of their boots and then sold to sea captains. They would be imprisioned in the tunnels which aside from just being creepy, would have broken glass throughout.  There were also opium dens and a red light district. 

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  1. Two guesses at to which picture is my favorite and the first doesn’t count!

    Glad you are having so much fun. However, you need to come home. I miss you.

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