Train Day 3

Wednesday June, 7th, I have spent my third night in a row on a train. I woke up asking myself where am I? I had to pull up my map app to find out.  I haven’t posted much in the past couple of days due to very little cell reception.  I have taken two Amtrak routes to completion, the Empire Builder from Portland, OR, to Chicago. Then the City of New Orleans train to… well actually I am in Memphis right now.  New Orleans or bust! 

I have a ton of pictures to share that I havent been able to upload.  I think Montana and North Dakota share a cell tower. I will update you on my travels.

2 thoughts on “Train Day 3

  1. What great memories you and mom are making!!! Have fun in NOLA and eat plenty of seafood, drinks, Beignets and more drinks…LOL!!!

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