Columbia River Gorge

On Saturday June 4, Katrina, Josh and I headed east of Portland to the gorge. We stopped for lunch at Mcmenamins Edgefield which is a 74 acre farm resort with beautiful old buildings. It’s also a brewery, because well everything in Oregon is also a brewery.  We headed out to see amazing waterfall after amazing waterfall. There were so many in succession that we stopped pulling over and getting out for them. The Vista House is a 100 yr old scenic look out. The views from here are incredible. It was a clear day and we could see for miles. We ended the night at a local pub playing Cards Against Humanity. It was a good day.IMG_1710IMG_1705IMG_1704IMG_1716IMG_1720IMG_1727IMG_1729IMG_1734IMG_1736IMG_1738IMG_1740IMG_1742IMG_1766IMG_1767IMG_1744IMG_1745IMG_1750IMG_1769IMG_1779IMG_1784IMG_1802

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